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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rugby tie, red suede shoes


the past few days went by rather quick and i am still rather surprised how things tend to turn into the right direction sometimes...seems as if i am a lucky guy. Yes, i surely must be, cause i´m going to spent another full weekend with my love, which is, legen....wait for it.....dary! You see, i´m really loving HIMYM, which is one of the many things i share with my better half.
By the way, i recently aquired a new Rugby by Polo Ralph Lauren silk knit tie for an unbelievably awesome prize: thx again Christopher, a pleasure to do business with you...

Speaking of Rugby, the guys host some seriously cool pics of their menswear stuff. Will surely host some of their styles in the future right here...meanwhile, i want you to be as optimistic i am. And that is because you are participating way more than i´d ever expected. I really thank all of you. Honestly.

@donfucci: good idea, and totally reasonable...

One more word: as indicated yesterday, i tried the quilted vest and tweed jacket look. What would you say (please excuse the hunchpack look, the photo angle is quite bad)? I guess i like it and will probably invest in such garment...


  1. I love THOSE shoes :D
    where did you get these from spoozy? your favorit digital thrift store??
    I have grey suede slippers from this seasons Zara collection but the sole does not look as good as the one from your shoes.

  2. @Marco: those are made by french manufacterer "Markowski". They offer a wide selection of different shoe types, all good-year welted and of high quality...