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Monday, August 9, 2010

Black friday and the relief of love


last friday was the worst day i ever had, telling from a working perspective. Everything i did shattered to pieces, added up to mess or totally turned its back on me. I am rather optimistic on the whole, but this day really brought me to thinking about my profession and if my job is the right one for me...

It even continued when i tried to get back at home: the first train was delayed by 25 minutes, i missed my connection and had to wait 50 min for the next and last train running for Frankfurt. Finally i made it to Mainz, only to see that the next metro to Wiesbaden would run at 4 a.m., which would have meant waiting for two more hours...

And then came relief: laying next to my love, it felt like all evil would come to a rest. Like a real shelter from harm, like someone healing you...can´t really describe that...so great.

Did some window-shopping...

...and went to a Lego store. The interior design is really great, it does not feel embarassing at all to spend some time there. The store is made up like a museum, the games on display are resting in back-lit cubes and they have an augmented-reality app installed...really great stuff.

Anyway, hope you had a great weekend too...


  1. hope ur work [and my work..hehe] gets better dude... lego land has to make u feel better.... i love lego

  2. I'm soryr to hear you had such a bad day at work. But it's always great to come home to the person you love!

    I love going into Lego stores too :)

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  3. Ich war am Mittwoch in genau diesem Lego Store und war ähnlich angetan! Habe gleich mal eine Runde Schlüsselanhänger gekauft und beschlossen, das meine Kinder diesen Laden niemals finden dürfen!
    Und führ das gute Gefühl ist die Frau an Deiner Seite unbezahlbar...