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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vintage tie


i finally managed to become a member of Styleforum...so many great guys over there...my first post was clearly in the section "What are you wearing today" and guess what, some of them even liked it...it´s a funny world we´re livin in :)

My new Loro Piana Cotton suit is in...i´ll send it to my tailor tomorrow to have it altered a bit (some tailoring in the waist, conversion into a 3roll2, maybe lengthening the trousers a bit). Will present it afterwards in here...so you better stay in touch :)

Additionally, i bought a new pair of shoes...what do you think of these?


  1. Beautiful tie! And I love the red shoes. I want a pair!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  2. lusting the shoes!! great for the summer..


  3. Those shoes are the bomb. I have a real love affair with the color red, and it makes sense from a psychological standpoint even.

    The shoes you're wearing in the picture are pretty killer too.

  4. Hi there! ;)

    Ich finde die neuen Schuhe geil! Sehen fetzig aus. Tragen würd ich sie nicht, zuwenig Eier, aber ansonsten: Topp....

    Aber, bitte: Krempel weniger ;-)

  5. @ Elaine: thx a lot :)
    @ Emily: thx, just checked your blog. Like it :)
    @ Mistermidwester: thx, they are indeed killing me. Can´t wait to receive them...

    @ Jerick: danke, ich dachte, das kann man ja mal riskieren :)
    Zum Krempeln: sorry, can´t :)