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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Play it the italian way


what a lovely day at the office: was able to leave the building very early today and directly swung on my race bike to go for another 40 km in the backyard of DüDo. With temperatures like that, i could do that every day (apart from my legs burning now). And would you guys please stand up, the sartorial family welcomes another member: hello Stiloges!!

Today´s outfit was another try to bring some italian sprezzatura to the streets of big D. Judge for yourself if i completely sucked at this stage...


  1. Very very nice, I love the colours and the shoes.

  2. I like the crochet flower but I find the positioning a bit off.. Maybe that's just me.

    Ps. The Minnie comment cracked me up! You always do have the most insightful things to say :)

  3. Wow! The shoe color is fabulous!