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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Red tie and a pin


it was pretty cool to leave the office quite early, which was 6:30 in my case...spent some time phoning family members, wasted some time on ebay, thought about what to buy next but then reminded myself to save some money, reading mags and books, legally downloaded new tunes...

Tomorrow i´ll attend an exhibition, hosted in the NRW-Forum in DüDo. Styleclicker Gustav Hämmerlen will show some (nearly 1.000) of his streetstyle pics and i am quite looking forward to it. Part of that will be my company: Mike of InnerCityStyle, Julian, a bespoke artist and a female friend of the latter will form the pack.

Oh, i fetched up my MTM shirt from Kuhn (the pink one with white bd collar and french cuffs). Seems as if the guys know their game: the stitching around the buttons is very accurate, seams have been sewed together neatly and the fabric will come out quite soft after the first laundry. Measures are appropriate (if only it might be a bit to long, but no worries since i´ll tuck it in my trousers anyway), shoulders are just fine, sleeve lengths is pretty perfect. To sum it up: would buy again!

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  1. Do you have an email address? I could send you some photos of Eric's stuff. :)