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Monday, July 26, 2010

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spent a lovely weekend with my gf and two friends from her former hometown, L and C. Great to have spent some time with you guys, was real fun. Come see us again as soon as you can!

What did we do: watched a movie together friday night (while wearing jogging trousers: come on, nothing better than those pants for lying on the couch), had great dinner and dance saturday night (cooked by the best chief in the world, which is me, for obvious reasons: spinach risotto enflavored with fresh cotton chease and parmegiano reggiano alongside fresh codfish enrolled in Serrano bacon and rocket...yummie) and a walk in the park on sunday.

The world still turned round and Düdo seems to have been the host for fashionistas from all over the world. My fellow Blogman Mike from Inner City style shot some great pics, please check out his work.

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  1. I love the fact that you cook and dress well. My husband is the same way, truly admirable traits in a man in my opinion! :):) Sounds like a wonderful weekend, and the food looks delicious.