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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Suede, Dressler coats and preppy attire

Well guys,

just returning from another fine session of throwing myself and having others throwing themselves into the sand: yes, i am talking about beach volleyball, the fine art of body workout after a monday´s work.

Besides from the fact that i now suffer from blisters, a cracked left toe and a bruised knee, i am totally fine. Blisters are due to wearing my new suede tassel loafers sans socks, the cracked toe is the result of an unatural movement of mine and the bruised knee comes from a big jump with barely no sand to cover my landing...

Anyway, complaining is not an option, but feeling like being alive is...

Plus, i´ll have you enjoying some more pics of other fellow bloggers: all great stuff, yet very different.
And N, if you are reading this: i just can´t help but use the lift´s mirror to take crappy pictures for this blog :)

So far,

The following pictures are courtesy of welldressed.se

Yeah, preppy all the way through...check out Unabashedly prep for some more great stuff!


  1. Also die Adidas-Sporttasche in dieser Kombi geht mal gar nicht! Wenn schon preppy, dann höchstens eine L.L.-Bean-Tote-Tasche oder besser gar keine. Die Schuhe alleine sind flamboyant genug ;-)

  2. Da bin ich absolut d´accord, alldieweil ich keine bessere habe, um mein Sportzeug durch die Straßen zu schleppen. Die ist also sicher nicht unter Style-Gesichtspunkten augesucht worden :)

  3. :-)
    Sind die Markowskis zu empfehlen? Wieviel haben Sie denn für den Versand gezahlt?



  4. Ich liebe the red shoes :D

  5. @Mike: cheers :)
    @Donfanucci: jap, kann ich empfehlen. Müssen natürlich noch eingetragen werden, aber für das kleine Geld (115,50 + 21€ Versand) allemal ein Schnapper.
    @Kim: and ich liebe your comment :)

  6. those suede tassel loafers that you own are amazing!! Are they by Paul Smith?? You have quite a wardrobe, many pieces that I would love to own myself. Glad to see another so enthused with fashion.