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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Linen and tie bars


as mentioned in yesterday´s post, i am trying out some commercialisation on this blog. So far i have completed setting up my profile at trigami and am now waiting for some response...we´ll see where that leads to.

Additionally, we´ve been completing our pitch presentation...came out quite impressive at the end. Now shall the one in charge decide...

I am still waiting for one more package to arrive: i´ve been buying some tie bars over at ebay. Here are the pics...

This was what i was wearing today...linen, light colours and a knit tie.


  1. They flower fits seamlessly here. I take my comment back! :)

  2. @Republic: thx, but which comment r u reffering to?

  3. Gosh! You are by far the best dressed man at OMD ever!