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Monday, March 29, 2010

Everything seems to fall in place


it seems as if my constant cries to the Lord above have somehow proved to be successfull: due to a trustworthy compagnian of mine, the ever-so-likeably B, i am likely to move to a cool place, starting from the first of may. It is round about 30 squaremeters "big", is sunlit all through the day, has a kitchen worth its name and comes with furnitures allready in place, for which i don´t have to pay half of my month´s wage...could life get any sweeter?

I feel like really telling you guys one thing: pushing to hard is not an option. I always try to be relaxed, even in urgent matters, cause it somehow turns out to be the way i get things fixed the most successfull way. See, everythings gonna be all right in the end...it has been so in the past and will be like that in the future.

As for today´s outfit: my lovely gf and me had an appointment with our future landlord, a very polite lady in her mid 60s...a little chat, a little handshake, and here comes our new appartment. As said before, all things turn out to be successfull in the end.....legend.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary!

The weather´s just fine enough to leave the house without any coat...just right to mix a shirt, a tie, a v-neck and a jacket to rock on the streets. Add a suede belt and suede cap toes, and here you go.

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  1. You look smashing as always! I love the pink showing through inside of your blazer!

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