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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Virtual thrift shopping


i like thrift shopping, be it virtual or real. If you've got the time to browse through tons of crap until you have the pleasure to find something extraordinary, i advise you to do so. There is always a chance of a real bargain to grab right there waiting for you.

I'm not yet very familiar with bow ties, but i wish to change that: accordingly, i bought one on ebay.co.uk for only 5 pounds (which is about 6,20 euros). As you all know, my guilty pleasure is the paisley pattern, and yes, surely this one has it, for real:

Nathan, one of my favourite sellers on ebay, tempted me with a lovely, slim grey Harris-tweed jacket, once tailored by St. Michaels in the late 80's...sure i had to buy it.

Although i do like the snow, i'm seeing forward to the upcoming spring and summer. Why? Well, first of all, you don´t have to wear a coat over your jacket, and, what is more important, you are not in danger of scuttling your shoes by merely wearing them. Here is my latest catch, a lovely Burton chukka boot with distressed sand-coloured leather...

In my opinion, style has got nothing to do with money.
It is very easy to dress up when you don't have to care about money. Instead of just being equipped by a sales person who is not interested in you, but your capability to increase his or her bonus, limited financial scopes help you to develop your own style. This is because you have to consider very carefully if the piece of cloth at hand suits your needs and is worth being spent half of your monthly income on (i'm exaggerating a bit, but you get my point, do you?).

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