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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today´s outfit


as indicated yesterday, i took a day off and didn´t expose myself to my clients´ every wish and thought today. After having slept until 11 a.m., i had breakfast, reading a copy of "Brand Eins", a german magazine dealing with any topic related to business matters, in a very non-informing, but entertaining matter. This time it was dealing with the question if art can influence business...i´d say it most definitely does, as art itself can be serious busines...and vice versa.

Anyway, afterwards i tidied up our living place, and went to the library to lease a copy of Fitzgerald´s "The Great Gatsby" and Tim Renner´s "CIA"...i am looking forward to reading both of these rather contrary books. Plus, i bought a new pocket square, which had been attracting me ever since i saw it for the first time. This time it went over the counter to be mine...

As for my outfit, i felt the day to wear my new shirt had arrived, so i paired it with a vintage charcoal jacket with blue pinstripes, and a dark blue tie with silver spots on. To add some more colour, i chose to stuff my breast pocket with a lively orange-yellow-green pocket square...just enough colour for the whole outfit.

As my birthday is approaching fast (it´s tomorrow), i am likely not to post anything tomorrow. You might want to come back here on Thursday, when a new outfit and the 4th footage of our regular´s table will be in...

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