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Monday, February 22, 2010

Outfit & Ms. Amelie on the Bus


every once in a while i happen to see this young, stylish girl riding the same bus as me and gf, heading for work. She really knows how to dress well, getting layered up in different shades of colours, textures and materials. Plus, she has a very convincing smile, and she always remembers me of the girl from the french movie "The fabolous world of Amelie"...

Today i felt like wearing my recently bought bow tie, naturally one to tie yourself (which is not as easy to do as it seems in the first place, but my lovely gf showed me how to and now it perfectly works). Along with a grey sweater, a faded blue and white shirt and my vintage Tweed jacket. The only thing i worried about was the heat i was suffering from: it seems as if spring is approaching and the days of wearing 3 to 5 layers come to an end. I am really looking forward to those days of white pants, light jackets and being able to wear shoes without socks (e.g. boat shoes).

I´m off duty tomorrow, so i´ll visit the library to get my hands on some books i wanted to read for a long time. As it stands, i´ll try to lease "The Great Gatsby"...potentially, i´m having coffee then, enjoying the sun and trying to photograph interesting people...we´ll see...

Keep in touch guys, your comments are much appreciated :)
PS: I had a hard time uploading these photos, so you better be nice...


  1. love the bowtie--those are always rad!
    and thanks for the sweetly-phrased advice. you are totally right about the tights!
    if only i had a lighter blue color...something for me to keep an eye out for.

  2. That girl DOES know how to layer!

    Loving your paisley bowtie, which is weird because I don't like paisley!


  3. I love that you notice regular co-bus-travellers...I always fall in love with random people on the bus!

  4. You're brave, wearing a bowtie is something even I do only with Black Tie. And with a pair of torn jeans? But somehow you pull the look together, very modern! Nice.
    Lovely coat, btw.

  5. that's a fabulous bow tie. goes well with the tweed.

    ps. please check out my blog http://diyainherstilettos.blogspot.com/