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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Irish Pub, second time


as i said once before in one of my older posts, everyone should have a favourite place to go with his or her friends for some chatting, drinking and having fun, even on a wednesday evening. Ours and mine is the Irish pub located at the Michelsberg in Wiesbaden, a cozy little place with a little stage that is open for everyone to perform.

Last time we went there, most of the "bands" entertaining the crowd mainly consisted of men, playing bass, guitar and drums. If they were lucky, they had one among them to, well, utter words in a melodic way (to call it "sing" would be euphemistic, at least sometimes). This time was different, though. After being summoned to stage by a solo-playing artist, a young girl whose name i forgot began to sing, and dear, she knew how to handle the mic!

She had a pretty good voice, and was well in tune with her band, or the instrumentalists...which is not that easy when you perform togehter for the first time...supposedly.

Check out the vids to see if i´am right on that...

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