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Friday, January 29, 2010

Duchamp cufflinks

Habari ya Siku,

today my recently bought cufflinks from the renowned company of Duchamp have arrived: a pair of silver cufflinks, with an enamel circular top with embedded yellow and red paisley pattern...so sweet!

Apart from that, it is still snowing heavily in Wiesbaden, and it seems this winter's going on forever...which is a funny thing to say at the end of january, by the way.

Today i wore the red Tommy Hilfiger tie i bought at TKmaxx in DA a few days ago. It is quite stiff actually, despite the "100& silk" label on it...combined with a pale blue oxford shirt, a dark blue blazer by Boss and a blue silk pochette, it made today's outfit...

This weekend i´ll spend some time in Berlin. Starting saturday afternoon, i hope i´ll get some dressy people to shoot. If not, there will be at least some other pictures, of which content i can´t say right now...we´ll see and hope for the best.

Kwa heri!

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  1. Wirklich tolle Manschettenknöpfe - beneidenswert.
    salut Grimod