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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shop till you drop...


with the german summer seemingly being a twin of autumn (rain all day long, winds blowing, etc.), i already started preparing my textile cabinet for the upcoming fall season. I have ever been a fan of Polo Ralph Lauren´s youthful sub-brand "Rugby", but refrained from buying stuff so far because of their rather sophisticated prices...until today. I just couldn´t hold myself back when i saw those two beauties:

And a pair of burgundy tassle loafers....to really bring it to the edge:

There might be more to come...we´ll see.Those beauties, probably...both by french company Markowski.

Or yet another pair...like this one:

Anyway, i have been wearing clothes today...daredevil that i am. Here you go:

And now: off for the weekend...

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