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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Purple Repetition


as said many times before, i try to show new stuff with every post i´m uploading here. Still, sometimes you got to stick to textile choices that have proven successfull (in my case that means "looking dapper") in the past.

I am pretty sure i used this shirt / tie / sc combo before, and maybe even the pants / socks / shoes have been seen in this particular configuration.

There´s likely only one reason to be drawn then: i need new stuff ! ;-)

The comments:
@Mr.Midwester: thanx a lot, Aaron! Although there are some days when even i can´t bring myself to wear it, it´s still pretty remarkable ;-). How´s the little lady doing?


  1. Masterful use of purple. Though underutilized by many, it's always been one of my favorite colors. Very elegant, cool and classic.

    But... when are we going to see you rock some madras?

  2. Love your style my dear, but please recognise: the sports jacket is an inch too short. Allthough you can deversify a bit, it should fit with your trousers and footstep.

  3. My dear, I love your style. Allthough its pretty cool please recognise: Your sports jacket should NEVER be an inch smaller than your footstep of your trousers. It really looks a bit like a school boy, who's got not a jacket which fits.