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Monday, May 16, 2011

Odd trou


been having the greatest time over the weekend, as my love was with me in DüDo and we could enjoy the world´s biggest music show together...the image probably gives you a hint about the stuff that was entirely brilliant saturday night:

Monday had me doing the usual stuff, working and looking fly as ever...despite the fact that i wasn´t lucky two times in accomplishing my self-induced missions: getting my recently bought new tie (due to postal loss) and fetching up my new MTM shirt. The guys over at Dolzer screwed it a second time, there are still heavy creases around the collar...

Anyway...today´s stuff:

I´ve neglected answering my comments lately: sorry for that!

Here you go:
@Aaron: cheers, Big Daddy! The hat just underlines the idea of the whole fit :)
@Prutha: thx my dear!
@Scott: always a pleasure reading from you!
@Anon: got your point here and been worrying about the scale thing myself. But then i decided "what the heck" and gave it a go.Your point on the shoes: taken and appreciated!
@DY: cheers!
@Ciara: thx, Ciara. He does indeed look like a dickhead, but a very well dressed one. He always reminds me of Patrick Bateman, which surely isn´t a nice comparison character-wise, but clothwise in turn...
@Justin:...and i never get tired of wearing them :)


  1. I've been greatly enjoying the latest round of looks. This one in particular is very interesting, half the look of Polo RL, half RL Purple Label. Overall a great mixing of patterns and textures. Well done!

  2. I follow you on tumblr. Please follow me! :)