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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not summery enough?


the best gf in the world, who is obviously mine complained about me not dressing summery enough. What a challenge, i´d say...time to bring out some orange, whites and sand coloured pants out. And....yes, the spectacular spectator tassle loafers she detests :)

Honey, thx for just being who you are. You´re the greatest!!

The comments:
@Ciara: thx for your sweet words, always appreciate a lady´s feedback :)
@Nick Henry: thank you, Nick. Just checked your blog: great work! I´m a follower now...


  1. Your girlfriend was right. Pretty amazing! What are the trousers made of? Hopsack?

  2. They work with the colour code and the last one you combined it with. I daresay that I'm beginning to accept them in combination with selected outfits.