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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From theory to practice


While breaking the rules can be fun sometimes,there are however some laws describing how to dress appropriately that should be abided. One of the most renowned conaisseur of classic men's wardrobe, style expert Alan Flusser has written a book named "Dressing the man", in which he provides very insightful and interesting facts about fabrics, makers, production details and consequently, style rules. One of the chapters in his book is dealing with the question how to combine layers of different designs. It seems clear that a plain tie and plain shirt can never fail (apart from colour issues), but what about donning a striped shirt and a paisley tie, or even more daring, layers from four different stylistic backgrounds (stripes, herringbone, paisley, checks)?As i was reading this theoretical background and the underlying principles, i felt tempted to give it a practical try (hence today's title) today: an attempt in vain or a reasonable illustration of mixing abilities?






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  1. My favorite post in awhile. Tons of great color work that just plays off each other wonderfully (the browns, blues, and reds especially). Oh, and the hat is just the topper of it all (literally and figuratively). :)