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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A night out...


What a night i had at the first semi-final for the ESC...great music, an awesome crowd and Plenty of drink and food...

...not played by tonight's artists, but still awesome: Kurt Elling's " never my love", the text saying

"you ask me if there comes a time, when i'll grow tired of you...never my love, never my love. you wondering if this heart of mine, will loose it's desire for you. Never my love"...

Totall what i feel like...dress just doesn't matter that much...






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  1. I've somehow missed seeing your last few posts, but was glad to catch up today. An excellent couple of outfits, indeed. Everything coordinates very well without being "matchy."

  2. Few things to point out here:
    The scale of the stripe tie and shirt are the same, and it create confusion! a solid tie would've been better.
    And please you know better than that, from time to time you must take your dessert boots to a good shoe salon to clean it!

  3. I love this look, so fresh.

  4. nice outfit! on a different note, on the 4th page of your tumblr there is a picture of a man wearing a checked blue suit, tassled loafers, hair slicked back, and a cell phone to his left ear. you were asking who he is. His name is Scott Disick. He's on a few tw programs in the U.S. He's also not thought of as a nice man, but he is nice to look at. I like his sartorial choices as well. most of the time.