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Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach weekend


spent a hell of a weekend with some colleagues from my workplace at the shores of Zaandvort, a dutch seaside ressort. We had great food (i had been the chef), great talks, a lot of laughter and playtime and sincerely enjoyed ourselves. Thanx a lot, guys!

Today´s get-up wasn´t all too fancy, though...some blues and reds and suede loafers.

The comments:
@Scott: thank you so much for making your comeback and insightful comments every time, Scott!
@Mats: i will :-)
@Pratishta: thx a lot, honey! :)

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  1. I really enjoy the classic houndstooth, a pattern underutilized during warmer months. Very nice job keeping it simple and classic. Hope you're doing well.