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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Signature look


i had an awesome day today: it started off with feeling proud and confident when i got to work, continued throughout the day and ended with sipping beer and eating pizza with A and S, two of my colleagues. Nothing better than chatting, enjoying springtime and laughing together with people that matter.

Clothwise, today´s get-up included pretty much everything i like when getting dressed: colours, patterns, woolen ties, short trou and desert boots. If i had to choose a look that totally represents me and might serve as a dressing signature, that would be probably it.

The comments:
@Scott: well, that certainly might be told about my closet, too :). I´ll definitely check your latest additions!
@YankeeWhiskeyPapa: certainly, do you own one? ;)...that´s a cardy underneath...
@Prutha: thank you, mylady :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi sir, I really love that execution!
    By the way low cut looks awesome on you, very clean and elegant. don't let your hair grow more than that. Bless...........