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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mille grazie, Luciano!


after yet another splendid weekend with loads of sunshine, an ever so lovely gf and gathering up with friends in the park (not wearing the new suit i snatched up for 99€), the day started off like every other monday: dressing to the nines, riding into town and spending a good share of the day in the office. Getting told by your boss you´re doing a good job makes it a pretty good start, hein? ;)

So, it was all about featuruing a kind of "italian" look today, which seems pretty reasonable under the predominant weather conditions: sunny, yet chilly mornings transforming into beautiful warm middays and afternoons, with smoothly upcoming freshness in the evening...ah, i love it!
The title refers to the maker of my lates ebay-find, a vintage golden and caramel-coloured cashmere tie made by Luciano Barbera. Now does this thing get you in the italian mood?

The comments:
@Scott: cheers, Homie :)
@Anon: that´s allright, Anon. As long as you keep coming back and commenting, i´m fine with your name ;)

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