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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Luciano & Ralph or "The striped iGent"


today´s look has been shaped by two factors: my new Luciano Barbera cashmere tie (a vintage one) and the fact that i dare think that this look could have been styled by Polo Ralph Lauren. Not necessarily qualitywise, but colourwise. The simple fact that i added a silver collar pin made it look special and dashing (at least in my eyes).

If you disagree, that´s fine: i´ll call it "The striped iGent" then :)



  1. You're killing it with this look, I love it.

  2. Spooz, love the shirt/tie/collar pin combo!! I also like the shoes, who are they by? Hugo Boss?

  3. Nice one! Shaved one! Very Good Mr. Blu (must be the subconcious)

  4. Agreed with the others, this outfit is stone-cold rockin' it. Lots of stripes, but they all pull together and work great together.