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Monday, April 18, 2011

A bavarian mix and match


i usually dress to satisfy my own satorial likes, nevertheless i find it quite amusing to receive comments on my everyday get-up, may they be criticizing me or praising my style...today´s shirt-tie combo provoked my fellow colleagues to call it "bavarian from head to toe". Well, the shirt certainly could be used with Lederhosen, alas it has french cuffs...

The "mix and match" as indicated in the title above grounds on the fact that i matched the shirt to the shoes (red-red), the socks to the ps (green-green) and the tie to the jeans (blue-blue). Well, i am trying hard ;-)

Anyway, here´s what the guys named "bavarian":

The comments:
@B.Brumel: enchanté, Mr. Brummel! Thx for your comment!
@Scott: i´d be more than happy to give it to you, if you like it. It´s by Luciano Barbera :)


  1. Thanks for your kindness, but I have more than enough already. ;^D Actually, I'll be adding another round of ties in the CKC Shoppe soon. Hope you'll see some things you like so I can throw in several more free pieces. I've found a couple pocket square's you'd certainly enjoy.