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Monday, March 28, 2011

La Crie de la soie


the style-savy amongst you know what the title refers to, but for all the peeps who are not familiar with this expression, i´ll explain it: this term refers to the "scream" a silk knit tie lets out when you squeeze it tightly...that sound is a sign of good quality, so if you ever see someone squeezing silk knit ties in your preferred local men´s wear shop, you know what the guys´s doing there :)

Best part of it: i only paid 10 bucks for this lovely burgundy knit one...awesome!

Some more foolery with accessoires today...a golden collar pin (watch out, Marco!), a golden tie clip with a rider on it and a flowery pocket square.
Spring justifies it all, i guess...

The comments:
@Mike: 90 bucks, roughly...i´ll call it a Schnäppchen, nevertheless :)

By the way: a new addition to the shop has been made...a linen jacket by H&M, size 36/46...check it out!


  1. Until quite recently, I had no idea of the difference in silk.
    I have a burgundy knitted tie like yours and find it very versatile. It doesn't "scream" at all since it's a fashion label and was bought in sale. A few weeks ago I got an Italian knitted tie at a much higher price. Oh this silk is not as smooth as the former, on the contrary it's crunchy and crying when you rub it. What a difference, what a pleasure.
    (By the way, it is le cri de la soie)

  2. Quite smart. Keep it up, Spoozy.
    B. Brumel