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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dancing with Kylie


spent a wonderful time at home with the best girl on the planet, who happens to be my love!

We met some friends on friday, finalizing the day with delicious white wine and some olives/cheese/salami and bread, followed by a tasty french tarte flambée and almond chocolate. No way we could withstand the carnival season, so the two of us went on a carnival party in M, dancing our heels off (and drinking some beer to fight the thirst). Sunday was all sunny and clear sky, so we went into the woods, accompanied by some of our friends. Three hours later (after walking 10 km), we prepared for sunday´s highlight: joining the crowd in partying with Kylie Minogue. She´s on tour right now and she played one hell of a show, i gotta admit. Due to the fact that monday was off for both of us, we only had to separate on monday evening. Sweet!

Anyways, here goes the pictorial:

Thanx guys, this adventure was awesome!

Sorry for the babbling, here´s what i wore over yesterday night and today:

You´re used to it...the answers:
@Marco: cheers, bro :)
@Mxolisi: i´m really longing for warmer temperatures. Allthough i do love tweeds and cords and stuff, i´m looking forward to wearing linen and going sans socks again :). Cheers for the award, will host it in my "Award Gallery" :)
@Flo: The belt is from McNeal, a private lable brand of P&C/Anson´s. Comes in different colours and costs 20 bucks.
@Pratishta: thanx a lot, Sweetheart! More green to come, i promise :)
@TheShoeSnob: thanx Justin, match was nearly perfect. Actually, most of my tumblr consists of reblogs, but i find it quite usefull as an inspiration book :)

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