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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sherlock Holmes vs. Lümmel von der ersten Bank


one thing that´s always funny and interesting is how people react on my get-ups: my co-workers certainly know that they can say whatever they think about it, without me being mad if they don´t like it. So i was all smiles today when i was told i´d look like Sherlock Holmes and one other naming me "Lümmel von der ersten Bank". You certainly know the history of the first mentioned, for the latter some might need clarification: The "Lümmel von der ersten Bank" were a couple of young fellas from the identically named series of movies, who were trying to fool their teachers, experience their first steps in physical love, fighting hierarchies and structures within the school system...shot at the end of the sixties, it worked as a stepping stone for many now famous german actors...so that´s not all to bad, being compared to a famous detective and a bunch of well-known movie kids, ha? ;)

@TheOneandOnly: so do I. Nice one, added it to my feed-reader.


  1. Excellent combinations here, but I'm not sure I like the pairing of jacket and trouser. The tones are so similar they compete. Still quite a favorable, bold selection though.

  2. Yey! Back on track!

    Love the bow and the socks! :)