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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reblogged for awesomeness...thx Tumblr!


for many, tumblr is just another software to create and administer blogs, for me it provides as much inspiration as possible...prepare yourself for some eye candy!

Starting of with some serious shoe porn...

courtesy of the Guy Style Guide
pic is courtesy of The Shoe Snob
courtesy of 30 and broke
I found some great inspirations in the following shots...

courtesy of Pleats are for lovers
courtesy of Guy Style Guide
courtesy of Today´s tie

courtesy of Da-I-net
courtesy of Today´s tie
courtesy of Pure Evil
Yeah, been thinking about going for new glasses...what about those (btw, the guy´s named Dennis :))

courtesy of Men in this town
To bring it all together, i´d go with this setting...great, isn´t it?

courtesy of You have broken the Internet


  1. I love the first shoe! Love it and the inspiration pictures with it!


  2. Triple monk straps are ridiculous. The broguing on them is slaying too. WANT.

  3. GRRRR, triple monks are so useless - but not for MEEEE !!! ;-))) Me mucho likey....where is the next shop which carries these ??