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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Great stuff on the net...


i am glad that we can welcome two more regular readers here: thank you very much, agakry and Mr. Goodwill Hunting for coming here!!

Comments and anwers:

@Mr. Goodwill Hunting: thank you for your kind words!
@Mike: true, might have been a blue one, too. Felt like doing going mono, though. Yep, a bigger closet...good suggestion :)
@Superpeanut: he is constantly watching you...u better behave!
@Rachel: thank you Rachel, for coming back every time. Your time and effort is highly appreciated!!
@Scott: Funny thing, i even felt more powerful :)
@Marco: cheeers, brown would be nice, as well.

Action speaks louder than words: all pics are courtesy of styleforum.net.

And if you ever feel like making your own bow tie, here´s a great "How to" by fellow blogger Kansuke

1 comment:

  1. I've been following you now for a while and look forward to your kits and the inspiration it serves me in my own creative ideas.

    And thanks for tipping me off to Mr. Goodwill Hunting, I can tell I will enjoy his blog.