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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stripes / Paisley / Herringbone / Argyle


you can hate Google as much as you can for violating your private sphere, but they´re awesome when it comes to provide internet programmes that enable you to share, comment, watch, hear, stay informed...here´s the deal: they know about me anyway, so i can use their service. And yes, i do like to spend money, so you can send me advertising, Big G! :)

What do you think about the colour combo? Was pretty fond of this thing....


  1. Very well done, I like the play in variations in tone on the blue/gold theme. Paisley is my favorite tie design, so I'm a bit biased as well. Works perfectly with your Aquascutum trench as well.

  2. I'd kill for that trench :-)

    Great combo anyway!

    But what about you hair? :-))

  3. love the last shape of those shoes! Black suede is such a staple piece, can't believe that I am lacking a pair!!