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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend trip

Hey fellas,

went to Nürnberg this weekend, accompanied by some lads and ladies from my old home town, which happen to be member of the same club i am in: we´re all supporting the best football club in the world, FC Bayern München.
Every year, we´re travelling to another destination, enjoying local breweries, local tours, some history and tourist stuff...basically to entertain ourselves and having a good time.

Friday started off pretty early for me: in order to join the group, i had to get up at 4 a.m. in  the morning, hopping on a train and driving five hours to be finally taken aboard the travel group´s bus. After arriving at the sweet town of Ipsheim, we took a walk in the wineyards just off the town...weather being sunny and sight all clear, we learned a lot of interesting stuff about the process of wine producing.

Soon after that, we jumped back on the bus to drive another 25 mins to the great city of Nürnberg, located in the heartland of Bavaria´s well known province Frankonia. After having completed check-in at the hotel, we took a little walk heading for the center of the city. Arriving there just in time, the waiters and waitresses of the famous brewery and restaurant "Zum Spießgesellen" accomodated us with some fine ale, until our tourist guide, dressed up like a medieval torturer, showed up. He showed us around and had some pretty stories to tell.

The ending to this rather fun night was Dad, George and me completing an international drinking tour that was initially begun in England (Murphie´s Brown Ale), followed by Italia (Ramazotti) and ended in the famous dancing palace of "African club" (Becks, at once).

Saturday came to life rather easy and after leaving out breakfast (got rid of this rather time-consuming habit in the meanwhile), we went into the grounds, being led through a cave system once used to store beer and other stuff, amongst them refugees of the Great World War Two who tried to flee from the british airplane bomber fleet that burnt Nürnberg to its grounds. The guide was a lovely lady, potentially aged around 80, who might have been suffering fromt the stories she told...at least she looked like as if she could have been there.

Having completed the the cave tour, we went to the brewery that was located right above those caverns...and there we were greated with fine brown ale and another frankionan special dish, five Nürnberger sausage rolls and sauerkraut. Yummy!

Finally, we all had to hurry to solve the mysterious murder of Alois Huber, a local construction enterpreneur. Forming up groups of six, all appointed Criminal investigators, we spoke to whitnesses, tried to secure evidence, combined facts and guesses and finally.....arrested the murderer, Alois Huber´s wife. Her complice, a taxi driver with financial problems, testified against her and both were sent to prison....surely, only a game, but a funny and entertaining one, for sure!
Saturday evening ended with fine bavarian food again, three more beer and a rather early return to my hotel room...was still feeling very tired after only having slept 2h from Thursday to Friday, running around all friday day and night, and even more so on saturday...

But hell: it was fun!!

How about yours?

PS: will come up with some fashion related stuff tomorrow evening again. Stay tuned!

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