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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seeing the client - ASMI party


had a first time today - got to know my client´s main executive managers, R and E. Both guys were pretty nice and i´m looking forward to work with both in the future.
Went to the ASMI party tonight, a venue held by one of Germany´s biggest and most successfull advertising company tonight: nice people, plenty of drinks and one hell of a buffet. The evening ended pretty cool getting to know a magician and a fomer student of arts, who is know working as a leading teacher for aspiring graduates (at the age of presumably 27..).

So, nevermind the babbling, enjoy (?) the works:


The reply section:
@Scott on There goes another one: thank you for your kind words! Not having read any stuff lately from you and kind of miss your insightful posts!
@Prutha on Review Rugby: well, i gotta admit he´s looking sharp, albeit he might have used another tie...but that´s just picky.


  1. Spoozy,

    I trust you've been keeping well. I envy your part of the world around this time of year. It can never get that cold to warrant such layering in our parts. I would probably make it with just that velvet jacket. Anything more and you're flirting with heat stroke. More than anything I like the purple you have going on there. Very nice complements.

    On a previous post, you had that Prince of Wales double breasted jacket. You're killing it man.

    Spoozy, the clients you were meeting were they dappe rin presentation as well..?

  2. Love these fantastic socks !

    Jules ;)