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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The canadian revelation


i always thought that fictional tv series are full of crap, factoids and mere exagerations...which one can surely say about 99% of them all. Yet, How i met your mother, my most favourite tv series ever, is totally different: they´re definitely telling the truth. It is not that i tried to evaluate the "Naked Man" principle on my own (guys, seriously, does it work?), but another great ancient mystery, the trades of canadian language, has been solved: the Canadians really do pronounce their "out" as an "uut"...did you ever feel like being the only one in the room that could tell his collleagues, say "Bamn!! And i told you, bitches! I knew it all before...now bow your had in astonishment and praise my wisdom!"....no? Well, i certainly did before, but never was it all being tracable to some tv show...

Anyway, Anonymus recently asked me why i am using english as blog language and why i have to punish and torture both you and me doing so...well, let´s keep it short and simple: mainly cause i like the language and secondly cause a good half of all my readers don´t speak German. In order to have them participating nevertheless, i chose to use english. And even more so cause i don´t speak italian, polish, russian, french, hindi or arabic well enough to entertain my followers....if that is a turn-off, i am deeply sorry.

Enuff said, let´s get back to business, which is clothing, obviously. Here´s what i sported over the last few days...any feedback on that?


  1. The jacket's great. Nice texture. What's this button all about?

    I'd go for some red socks (or with stripes) if you want my oppinion.

    The tie-less one got to be from the weekend, am I right? Pretty nice jumper.

  2. @Mike: thx, yet another steal from H&M. The button...good question. Replaces the lapel flower :). Comment on socks noted and given credit (got no striped socks though). And yeah, no tie means weekend. Jumper: bought at...you guess.

  3. H&M is so great. Just bought a very nice chino. H&M's the place to be!