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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a wonderful weekend


i had a wonderful weekend, with my dad celebrating his 50th birthday, my love at my side, seeing my sister and hugging Mom and Dad, friends and relatives. And i even found time to elaborate on improving some wardrobe pieces of mine: i attached a pair of leather patches to the ellbow on the sleeves of one of my blue corduroy jacket. It´s the perfect eye-catcher for one´s wardrobe that will surely come to life in the upcoming fall. Took my quite some time to get it right (reversing the sleeves, cutting the lining, shaping the patches, punching holes into the leather, sewing it to the sleeves withought wrinkling the fabric....). After a good 5h, i finished and was pretty satisfied with my own hand´s work. Here are some week-end impressions...

(will host the ellbow patch thing in a new blog edit soon)

Additionally, i left the office quite early today and went to Neuss, the home of TKmaxx. Every once in a while i am strolling through there to catch whatever i can get my hands on...today i managed to buy a soft cotton two ply Derek Rose red striped shirt for 12€ and a blue silk tie with red and green flowers on for 13 bucks. Not bad, hein?

And last, but not least: my lovely pair of vintage Florsheim Imperial shoes have arrived. Will have pictures of all three items here tomorrow.
Better be coming back then :)

So, here are the pictures:

Still, i know that you are coming here for seeing some pics and not only reading. So here´s the thing: please feel as fascinated as i am by The Swagger 360, a fantastic street blog that mainly focuses on male street style. Most of the pics are utterly brilliant, here are a few to get you going...

Every day during my lunchtime, i am passing the Zegna Shop...this picture is hanging outside the shop on the wall and i really like that suit...maybe one time i´ll ask them if i can get it (given the case they´ll change motifs...) :


  1. Not really a fan of the Afrika fotos, but looking forward to the Florsheim Imperial pics.

  2. Next time you wanna go to Tkmaxx just call and we go there together.

    By the way: I'd delete those kind of racist comments like Laguna Beach Prep...

  3. @Laguna: what do you mean by "Afrika" fotos?
    @Mike: good idea, will call you. We´ll see of which sort Laguna is...could all be just a missunderstanding...