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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not much of me these days


sorry for only hosting other blogger´s pictures these days: i had to give back the iphone i borrowed from my boss (way later than i expected, so he was right to claim it), and i only turned in my broken nokia to have it repaired this morning.
Guess there won´t be pictures of me anytime this week...so all i got to do is to feel delighted: a new member has joined the team! Please welcome "Art meets fashion".

And yet again i am thinking about what Mxolisi of Perfect Gentleman was saying about double-breasted jacket: despite the fact that he totally was right in stating that those kind of jackets are truly elegant and oozing formality through and through, i still like the idea of sporting them in an unconventional way.

What picture comes to my mind?

See for yourself...truly iconic, in my eyes. Velvet slippers, a perfect fitting double-breasted jacket and a cool pair of jeans.

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  1. For me aint nothing better than a DB jacket. I tend gravitate towards the 6 over 4 design. Although I don't mind the other designs as well. A few months I found a seersucker DB jacket at a thrift for a ridiculously low prices. It needs some work but in the summer I sure am going to be looking right.