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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grey herringbone and post-friday feelings


spent an easy day at the office. Received a copy of Men´s Health Best Fasion with plenty good looks in it and some sound inspiration material...additionally, posted yesterday´s outfit to Styleforum and Stilmagazin, lovers and haters commented alike. And the ever so lovely Tania of What would a Nerd wear mentioned my comment on her blog. Chakaa :)

I like the fact that some love what i am doing and the other half is doubting my mental sanity. That´s what it is all about, isn´t it? Getting people to think about...

Anyway, i have some great new finds on ebay to share, plus some more outfit pictures, taken today.
As always, your feedback is highly appreciated...and last, but not least: say hello to Kalane, a new member to our humble society :)

Going to see my lovely this weekend and we gonna party all night long until the break of dawn. Seriously, we´ll get to Folklore, a music festival in old WSB town, with Blumentopf, Gysbert zu Knyphausen, Tocotronic and other german bands playing. Looking forward to this...

What are your plans for the upcoming weekend?


  1. What a relief to see new pics! I like your jacket pretty much. But what about that "Stronzo-Gelatino-stand-up-collar"? And as I said many times before: You're really D-Town's king of style :-)
    My weekend is gonna be filled with assembling my son's new truckshaped bed.

    Enjoy the festival!

  2. @Mike: thx, another one from swedish designers H&M :)...the "Stronzo-Gelatino-stand-up-collar"-style wasn´t made on purpose...and thx a lot, others call it my style insane. It lies within the eye of the beholder, i guess :)

    A truckshape bed...how great is that??

  3. great post...amazing style...perfect mix