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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day One of the "Mission 2014"

Dear Followers,

after yesterday´s loss, you really tried to cheer me up with your sweet comments. How very polite of you...and yes, it worked. I am now officially calling for the "Mission 2014" to start regaining what naturallly belongs to us :)

Sadly i got to wear a suit tomorrow, otherwise i would have been sporting something like that:

(pic is courtesy of Unabashedly Prep)

The two most remarkable things about today´s outfit were the pocket square and the socks: first time for them to appear here..and as indicated yesterday: where there is light, there surely is shadow...nice stockings, but the shoes...holy moly.

Tomorrow i am seeing my client for the first time, so i gotta wear a suit, which is, taking temperatures into account, not a thing i´d normally opt for...well, most of the time we´ll sit in a air-conditioned meeting room, so i´ll survive it, i guess.

Next thing on tomorrow´s agenda: get back to the tailor and grab that Loro Piana jacket i turned in a week ago...looking forward to the guys´ work once more. They really know their game (which is resulting in prices quite escalated).

But the pretty gotta suffer, don´t they?

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