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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Colour clash

My dearest followers,

yesterday i happened to run into Ignatius Joseph, a german fashion designer who is famous for his cuffed trousers and his delicate choice of socks and choice. He has kind of inspired my own wardrobe today.

I felt bold (and judging by the way people were looking at me in the streets, it was) combining purple red socks with a red striped shirt, a red and green striped tie and a blue jacket.
As i am still in deep phone misery, you´ll have to cope with iphone pictures until i get that fixed.


  1. wow. your style is so dapper! love your style!!

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  2. Good day Sir.

    Whatever happened to your blog archive for 2009 backwards??? Has it been eternally lost into the internet ether?



  3. Ciao Alessandro,

    well, seemingly the pictures didn´t fit anymore with the context, so i swapped the background. Hope you like it just as much as i do...:)

    And thx for stopping by every other time and leaving a reply, really appreciate it!!