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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easy like easter monday


it is easter monday, yet another day off and the right time to have an easy start into the day: we went over to B´s place to have brunch. After extincting ridiculous amounts of scrambled eggs, bread with salmon and a pool of coffee, we decided to drive to the harbour to go for a short walk in the sun. After completing this rather exhausting trip, we sat down again to have some more coffee and a slice of delicious cake, made by the ever present and ever so lovely gf of mine. Thx my easterbunny ;)

As for the outfit: classical, yet modern...most of you despise ripped jeans, i surely love ´em. Combined with boat shoes, a dark blue cord blazer, grey cardigan and a red-blue shirt-tie mixture, it all made my day. And nevermind the red scarf, this was just right for the windy surroundings :)

Hope you had a great easter weekend as well, tomorrow i´ll start my new job in DüDo. I am kind of excited, to be honest...


  1. New job? :O
    All the very best to you!! :D
    Do keep us updated.
    love what you're wearing, especially the scarf! But I don't have to tell you that because you already know :)

  2. i'm sure you're expecting this, but i love the boat shoes (sigh, i'm predictable).
    also that cake looks SO yummy!! your girlfriend sounds awesome.

  3. Scrambled eggs and bread with salmon sound delicious. Italian food is the best hands down, but it certainly leaves one missing a bigger breakfast! I love your tie, and that grey cardigan. I also love those shoes...great outfit combination. Happy late Easter! :)


  4. @Nerd: ah, screw that. It still is sooo sweet to get compliments...just keep `em going :)
    And you bet she is...the best in the world.

    @Rachel: it was delicious indeed. Thx for your compliments, and happy late Easter to you as well! :)