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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A day on the Q


FC BAYERN....oh my, what a game...thought we´ve lost it all to the Britains, and then...i never imagined to say something like that, but thank god for bringing the Dutch to life....Arjen Robben, hero of my football world.

As for the outfit: dressing possibilities are limited to a minimum at the moment, so forgive my unability in colour variations. Still, i am not looking that bad, do i? (Fishing for compliments again...screw me.)

Job? Still trying to find out where it´s heading to...will keep you guys posted...bam, here goes the picure work.
One last amendment: Düdo´s got style...plenty of it. Never seen some many guys sporting pocket squares in one place. Love it.


  1. That's the first nice thing you've said about the Dutch in a long time! We appreciate it. :) Can't wait for you to come to Amsterdam. -L

  2. @L: i will, be promised :)...what an awesome range of pictures from Istanbul!