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Thursday, April 29, 2010

All things wrecked...


before i start elaborating on the following pictures, let me first welcome a new member to the elite club of Kleidsam (not elite in respect to limited access, but in respect to the elite people following): glad you´re joining the pack, Hansepunk!

I took those car shots this morning: at first, the only thing i noticed about the car was its wrecked paintjob...seemed as if the car had been washed with chemicals or been driving through fire... it was only then when i noticed that this was not a regular car...it was a Rolls-Royce!!
Here´s the story: this Rolls is owned by Michael Fröhlich, a resident dealing with oldtimer cars. The Rolls suffered from a huge fire that roared through Fröhlich´s shop in 2006, destroying almost 50 vintage cars, the damage being supposed to exceed 10 million euros...

Another wreckage that was less expensive, yet also painful: my mobile phone took a steep dive today and the screen now shows weird lines and even weirder colours. Seems as if it is partially cracked...fuck my life.

Tomorrow´s another Get up early morning, i´ll receive the keys to my new aptm. Looking forward to move to my new place on saturday...and i´ll thank god when all this moving mess finally comes to an end.


  1. You have a hand for knit wear! Very nice tie and cool outfit. Hope your phone will still take pictures!

  2. Good day Sir!

    Very nice jacket/tie combination! Those suede chukkas are superb and getting better by the day.

    P.S Is it legal to park motorcycles on the sidewalk in Germany??? Reference to the piture above.