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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tonight´s the night


it´s gonna happen tonight and it ain´t gonna hurt (hopefully): we´re about to perform on stage, singing Green Day´s Good Riddance and Sportfreunde Stillers Ein Kompliment...and it´s gonna be legen.....wait for it.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary!

Best thing about not having to go to work? Besides from sleeping late, having an easy start into the day and enjoying the morning sun while eating breakfast? Sure, time to browse through endless cool blogs, being inspired and having the time to take pictures of my outfits with backgrounds constantly changing (no more office surroundings like book shelves and door frames)

The following one was put together in really no time, it all felt as if the pieces found together themselves...i really liked it, and so do you, i hope.

The following items were featured:
- blue vintage 2 button jacket
- white-blue striped contrast coloured shirt
- yellow blue window pane vintage tie
- Grey vintage 6 button blue striped waistcoat
- white silk pocket square
- white trousers from Zara
- a blue and red woven belt
- blue suede Chelsea Boots
- crappy facial expression


  1. This is my favourite outfit so far. The white pants are amazing.

    - Rachel

  2. Wonderful! Great! White pants are the best invention and they do fit really well!

    G. Finleandro

  3. i like the colors but not the mix of patterns in tie and shirt.
    but the white pants are very cool.

  4. I like the Jacket and the white pants. Not too sure about the waistcoat, though. However, you do look dapper.

  5. Grey and navy blue looks great together! That tie is like the icing on the cake :)
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. @Goddess: mine was awesome, how was your´s?...and thx for your praise, you´re too kind :)