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Friday, March 5, 2010



the past few days went along at the speed of lightning: holy moly, where have those days gone? I´ve not been uploading pics of my style errand since tuesday, but now i´m just putting up some new stuff to comment, like and dislike.

As for the reasons of me not getting anything done over here: a friend of mine fell sick suddenly and i was all trying to get things done for her, like packing a bag with clothes, calling her parents, getting her car from a to b and so on...furthermore, i went to attend another volleyball training session...it´s kind of useless, admittedly, cause we won´t get any better in the near future, but we have at least to try to. And you know what they say: no pain, no gain.

What´s up for the weekend, guys? Not much on my part. My lovely gf decided to spend some days without the lazy bone of mine in HH. I´m potentially going to go indoor rockclimbing, to the movies, sipping some coffee in a sunny place while reading The great Gatsby...but i surely will put on my new red chino trousers, just bought at the local H&M for only 9 bucks...i love that kind of deal.

Sometimes you find beauty where you least expect it: this lovely bouquet of flowers stood on the desk of my agency´s counter to welcome any visitor and worker...i really love the power of those red and yellow flowers


  1. I like the orange tie. And is that a new banner with the montage of clothes? Very cool!

  2. what gorgeous blazers :)
    great blog!
    stop by some time xx

  3. so, nun hast du mich!

    mit pulli drüber geht auch krawatte zur jeans..passt..gefällt..stimmig!



  4. @Tracy: thx, yes i made it myself...
    @Margaret: thx, i will !
    @David: yes, mission accomplished :-)