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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The day after yesterday

Dear followers,

please give a warm welcome to a new family member to join your elite circle: Julia from New York now completes the trendy ten :)

Guys, my side project "Find a new place in Düsseldorf as soon as possible" is not proceeding to my likes. Although having sent out about a dozen messages, i only got one answer in return (thx Mimi *g*). So, come on guys, just give me the chance, and drop me a line. I don´t bite, and i really could make up for a good roomy...you´ll see in time, if you only grant me the chance to (holy crap, that seems like begging now...which it is, kind of. Screw me...).

Back to what you come here for: another dapper outfit, or at least a combination of items seemingly working well together. I already announced that my lovely sister gave me a new tie as a birthday present, and i pulled it over today. Along with a white-blue striped shirt and a blue cardigan under my vintage tweed jacket, it just completed this "blue all over the place"-outfit. (Note to myself: spring´s not here yet, so don´t wear blue light cotton chinos until the beginning of april.)


  1. Nice to read my name in here... :-) But if my answer was the only one: Why don´t you call me as you wrote? ;-) Greetz Mimi