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Monday, February 1, 2010

Week-end trip to Berlin

Hejsan kära Vänner!

as always, the weekend has passed too soon...but, at least, mine was great. We headed to Berlin to have some dinner, throw some moves onto the dance floor and to sit in a cosy little cafe, enjoying the art of "brunching" (which surely isn´t an english word at all...) on a lazy sunday.

Starting saturday afternoon, we boarded the Ryanair plane round about six o´clock. If you ever thought about how Ryan Air is able to offer such cheap tickets, here comes the solution:

1. The crew is entirely from Poland, the Czech Republik or another slawic state (those guys are known to work for lower wages)
2. The stewardesses' dresses were just awful: a blue something looking like an old potato bag dyed with blue paint.
3. During the whole flight (which fortunately only lasted for 50 minutes), the passengers, or should i say captives, were encouraged to either a) take part in a lottery or b) buy smokeless cigarettes (10 for 6€) or c) discover the mirricults of the famous Ryan Air cuisine (for a little expense just over the budget you would spend on a loaf of bread, decorated with a sausage-look-and-taste-a-like-thing...

To my disgrace, i wasn't allowed to ban those things on video, to prove my claims. Nevertheless, you might check it yourself...

Right after the plan returnded to safe grounds, we benefitted from a ride on the public transportation services. This was the very moment when i realised i finally made it to Berlin: homeless, or at least look-a-likes beggin for money while you just want to get to your hotel room as quickly as possible.

After Dinner at a mexican restaurant (the only mexican thing about it was the name, though), we struggled to get some fresh drinks at the famous party place "Alte Kulturbrauerei", a compilation of old brick industrial buidlings gathered around a circular place. The DJ knew his game and played the all time favourites (or those he thougth to be all time fav´s), and people, well let´s put things straight, freaked out. I say them hippie's bumping, titties jumping, male ones crunking...stuff like that.

Sunday started off with a nice shower and a cab ride through the city to Friedrichshain, another part of the city (after the "Alte Kulturbrauerei" in Prenzl-Berg), where we met with the party crowed of saturday evening, to have brunch. It was very delicious and prices were reasonable, so we stayed for almost 4 hours, sitting together, chatting, eating, listening to music...things you can enjoy when still being a little tired. Some of us even browsed the stands of the near-by flea market, turning up cups and other valuable things.

Soon after that, the group broke up cause everyone had to meet friends, former colleagues and other random guys only loosely attached to the group. My group (consisting of me and my gf) went to see my best friend F, who was in town for seeing his gf K. We went to the "Hackeschen Höfe" to yet another cup of coffee, tee and a slice of delicious cake.

The moment of breaking up is never easy, so we spoiled it and just left that Deli towards the main station, to get on the train to the airport. Arriving there, millions of people were waiting for their flights just as well, which made the place the thing to be at at this sunday evening.

Fortunately, we had the chance to board our plane soon afterwards, which we did in no time. And once again we were pleased to listen to the sweet lullabies of yet another slavic crew, firing english words with hints of an accent at us, safely bringing us home though.

To sum it up, i added some pics of the city, the people and other things i randomly shot....

Välkommen ater!

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