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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Outfits & Birthday presents


i had a great night out yesterday, when all my friends were present to celebrate my birthday at the local Irish Pub. After ordering a round of kilkenny, i was surprised with self-baked muffins, one with a candle on top, and two very cool and charming presents: two self made pin buttons and a voucher for a pocket square. What more can you ask for when you´ve got birthday?

Back to charming presents: my ever so lovely gf bestowed me with a copy of Scott Schuman´s "The Sartorialist". It contains heaps of pictures of both male and female characters dressed extraordinarily well. From high-class suits to thrift-market coats, it contains a wide spread of different styles and ethnic groups. It goes way beyond mere inspiration...

Dealing with that style thing, i ordered "The Chap Manifesto: Revolutionary Etiquette for the Modern Gentleman" by Gustav Temple and Vic Darkwood, and a book of his styliness himself, Mr. Alan Flusser, named "How and where to buy the best men´s clothes". I´m seeing forward to receiving these books and taking a deeper dive into the world of classic menswear.

Screw me, you´re coming here to see some ouftits, not to read much about presents and stuff. So here you go: i wore the first one yesterday, being under the charm of Preppyness. The second one, worn today, was inspired by a picture by Scott Schuhmann, printed in the above named book. I just altered it a little bit, but it still came close to the original....

Sure you´ll ask yourself what i gave myself as a present? Well, not that much yet...besides that lovely jacket here, tailored by René Lezard:

I´m planning on a big thrift shopping session in Frankfurt this saturday, with the sartorial help of fellow dressmen...i´m really glad to have such style experts on my side when marching to "war"...

By the way, what do you think about these lovely objects? The first is a vintage Austin Reed tweed suit in perfect condition and great colour, the second one a pair of Grenson shoes. I think they would look lovely together...wish me good luck with bidding!


  1. Hi Spoozy,
    The shoes are marvellous! Watch that patina!

    The 3-piece as well ("All we are saying, "Give three piece a chance" ) (C) Chap Mag.
    I myself own some Shirts by Austin Reed that I Can't complain about.

    Sry to write you "Anonymous", I didn't understand how to operate this "Kommentar schreiben als"- Thang.

    See you on Saturday thriftin' through the "Golden" Thrift! ;-)


  2. That is such a thoughtful gift, my wish my bf was that insightful ;)

    The shoes are great. I want a pair myself and am placing an order with a friend who's visiting London soon. It's impossible to find a good pair in India :(

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beloved critic ;)

  3. Happy bday luv & your suits look sharp :) Mon Mode Blog

  4. It was your birthday??? How did I miss that... Happy birthday!!!!!! It sounds like you got some great presents! I also have The Sartorialist book and love it so much.

    I love the yellow cardi in your preppy look! I really need to show my husband your outfits. He's been trying to find some men's inspiration lately. Yours is perfect.