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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dapper Gents


feels like spring is in the air: it was all sunny today, and the temperature rose to about 10 degrees C°. Heaps of people were floating on the streets, and it all felt like a city regaining pace after a long winter sleep.

I attended a style gathering at a café / bar / shop next to the "Alte Oper", and all i can say is that it just blew my mind entirely. It felt like a bigger version of the Rat Pack was in town: men handsomely groomed, clothed extraordinarily well and in a mood of chat about shoes, clothes, ties, pocket squares and so on. I guess the town has never seen so many people being able to serve as style icons in one place. The best thing about that: i had the chance to shoot some pics, so you can see what i am talking about. To the guys who were there: thank you for that pleasant afternoon, and hell, you know your game. You did overwhelmingly good!
A special thx goes out to ddot: now i know how to tie that bow tie with no effort at all!

I told you i was planning to go on a thrift session, and so it was. I was accompanied by two fellow stylemen, the three of us being wingmen for each other. What´s a wingman´s job? Right, giving advice when asked for, protecting you from all harm (in this context: non-fitting jackets and eyebreaking ties) and praise one´s style whenever it is suitable. Flamboyance and Excalibur served well on their duty, which led to two finds at the Aurum: a yellow-green tartan tie and a pair of brown-grey trousers from the italian brand of Dolce & Gabbana. They just need a little alteration and that´s it...


  1. Oh snap, you look sharp!! Really dig your style!


  2. How fun!!!! You all do look very dapper!! I love your concept of a wingman. How appropriate! I need one of those...