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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cool & the Gang


i am deeply impressed with what Analytics just proved today: my readers are international sartorialists. That means switching the language i am writing in was just right...

At the moment, it´s unbelievably cold in the middle of Germany. I assume the temperate has fallen below minus 10 degrees, which is just painfull. Standing out in the cold, waiting for the bus to arrive is no pleasure (not that it ever was, but you get the chance to watch the people around you, and on a good day, you´re occassionally entertained).

After having been adressed with "the way you dress is soo surrealistic" (which i took for a compliment), no one, really no one said anything about today´s outfit. Well, i admit, they were right. There was nothing spectacular today: no colourful tie, no (seemingly) unmatching colour-combinations and no socks to see. If your wardrobe represents your mood and attitude, mine was "demure" today...

As tomorrow approaches rapidly, the new light of day might display something else...at least another gathering at the local Irish pub: friends, drinks and an open stage for everyone willing to perform. So you better keep in touch...

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